Latest Pakistani Partywear for 2019

Living in the eastern world, we always have a new event coming around the corner. Whether it is Eid, a wedding or a formal gathering, we are always eager to grab the most subtle partywear that could be carried in all events. To save you from long hours exploring the internet for the latest party dresses, the following are the latest Pakistani party dresses for 2019 you can add to your wardrobe.

1)      Peplum

If you have been on social media, then later you would have definitely someone with a peplum dress whether it is a celebrity or a friend of you. Peplum dresses are ideal for getting you all dolled up for any party or event. They have also symbolized as girls’ formal dresses so you with peplum dresses, you can get the blend of formal look in a partywear.

2)      Floral lehengas

Everyone loves a summer vibe that floral dresses never fail to give. If you are looking for party wear for a wedding in particular, then floral lehengas can be your top choice. The vibrant colors and light floral prints can give you a trendy look with a beautiful floral lehenga. This partywear would look stunning if worn for a spring wedding in particular due to colorful hues and vibrant designs.

3)      Gowns with a flow

Flowy gowns are among those dresses that can be worn to almost any event, whether it is formal or casual. With a little variance, you can change the look for the same dress in many ways. Embellished with heavy embroidery work, these gowns can be carried in a phenomenal manner.

4)      Medium length shirts

If you are in search of girls party dresses that will not look too odd and would also give you the glow up, then medium length shirts are the thing. You can conveniently find a wide range of these shirts in online dress shopping. Mixed and matched with a stunning pair of trousers, along with some heavy necklaces and earrings, and you would be ready to be in the spotlight for the party.

5)      Plain shirt with a statement dupatta

This one would give you a dazzling look without looking over or underdressed. This partywear is the easiest one to dress up in as you can get any combination that suits your look. It is one of the top looks in party dresses for girls in Pakistan due to adaptable look. You can get a simple shirt in any of your favorite colors. The statement dupatta is the heart of this look; embellished, floral printed or a dupatta with heavy motifs, all would do great for this partywear.

For the fashion geeks who are in constant search of the latest trends, any of these partywear can be the next choice for one stunning look on any party.

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